Ernest William Christmas, son of John James Christmas and his wife Martha (née Leake), was born at Yankalilla, near Adelaide, South Australia on 28 January 1


Moved to Kadina (the largest town on the Yorke Peninsula, some 87m north of Adelaide when seven years old and assisted his father in his business until grown up, when he took up the study of painting in oils 2 4 13

Attended school at Adelaide 3

Educated artistically at Adelaide and Sydney 3


Took part in the "Ruby Rush" to the McDonnell Ranges 5


Painted South and Central Australian and Murray River landscapes 6 7


Travelled to New Zealand


Painted New Zealand landscapes 7 and exhibited a landscape at the Art Society of New South Wales 6


Exhibited at the Auckland A S Exhibition, New Zealand 10


Painted landscapes in New South Wales, Australia 7


Painted landscapes in New Zealand 7

April: Returned to Australia from New Zealand on the Tarawera 11

August: Exhibited at Brisbane, Australia 10

November: Exhibited in Sydney, Australia 8


February: Exhibited at Hobart, Tasmania Z


Travelled again to New Zealand


August: Returned to Australia from New Zealand on the Mokoia 11

late 1890s

Exhibited at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia paintings of landscapes from Australia (Central, South, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales) 10


Travelled to Europe 15 to continue his artistic education in London and Paris 13 15


Exhibited at the Royal Glasgow Institute, Scotland 3

In August, as "the travelling art representative of the managers of the Federal Exhibition" dispatches from London paintings by Scottish artists for inclusion in the Australian Federal and International Exhibition 14

17 September: Departed from London to Melbourne, Australia on SS Oceana 34

Arrived, after a three year sojourn in England and Europe (including two years studying "at home" and months living in the Highlands of Scotland) back in his "native land", bringing pictures by other artists, but selected by Christmas, for the Federal Exhibition at Melbourne 13 15


Arrived in New Zealand and made Wellington and then Auckland his headquarters 9


Exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Arts (winning first prize for a Wellington subject in 1906) 9


Exhibited at the New Zealand International Exhibition at Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand (Nov 1906-Apr 1907) 9


23 March: In Hokitika, New Zealand on the way to South Westland to paint the scenery 33

10 April: In Greymouth to board the Arahura (the inter island ferry) to Wellington 37

July: Exhibition and sale of work at Mark Sprot & Co, Mackey Street, Greymouth, New Zealand 38

Worked on a project for the New Zealand government and planned a tour of the United States 16


26 June: Arrived back in England aboard the SS Ophir from Brisbane.40

Exhibited in England at the Royal Institute and the Royal Oil Institute, London, Leeds Art Gallery and Hull (by invitation) 3

Elected to the Royal Society of British Artists 6


"E W Christmas R.B.A., artist" listed as resident at 155 High Road, Chiswick, London 17


Two pictures hung at the Royal Academy, London 3 18


Exhibited in England at the Royal Oil Institute, London, and had two pictures hung at the Royal Academy, London. At time of latter address is given as c/o Bradley & Co Ltd. [fine art packers], 81 Charlotte Street, London 18

14 March: Departed from London to Buenos Aires on SS Highland Scot 35 en route to Southern Andes to paint "lakes and mountains of that interior of the far South" 3

Exhibited New Zealand landscapes at Sydney, Australia 6


1 January: Made will at 2428 Acevedo Pelarmo, Buenos Aires, in the presence of Ernest & Lottie Barwell 32


Exhibited in England at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; address is given as c/o Messrs J Bourlet & Sons Ltd., 17 and 18 Nassau Street, London 19

3 December: Departed from Southampton on SS Olympic arriving in New York on 10 December en route from previous residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina 20


Publication of second edition of W H Koebel's Argentina Past and Present including 32 colour illustrations by E W Christmas 21

Painted a New Zealand scene 7


Exhibited "Christo de Los Andes" at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (20 February - 4 December 1915) in San Francisco, winning a bronze medal 22 and at the Golden Gate Park Museum, San Francisco 39


29 February: Arrived in Honolulu en route from the mainland [USA?]to the Orient and soon after gave an exhibition of his work 31

April: While in Maui collapsed from over-exertion and was taken to the Lahaina Hospital 31

November: Held exhibition of his Hawaiian work 31


Lived at 1066 Fort Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 23

September: Held exhibition in the lobby of the Maui Hotel 24

November: Announced closure of studio in Maui after four months stay to return to Honolulu for an exhibition, before planned departure to New York 25

December: Announced intention to stage a farewell exhibition [in Honolulu?] 31


Planned an extensive tour of the South Seas, Australasia and Java 26

May: Completed a poster to aid food conservation work in Maui before travelling from Maui to Honolulu 27 28

28 July: Admitted to Queen's Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii 29

29 July: Died from heart problems at 12.20 a.m. at Queen's Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii 30

30 July: Buried at Oahu Cemetery, Hawaii 30 after a funeral service held at St Andrew's Cathedral 31

22 November: Probate of the will of E W Christmas granted in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury to his sister, Lilly May Christmas 32