E W Christmas

This site, devoted to the life and work of the Australian artist, Ernest William Christmas, was launched in December 2005.

During 2008 a major work to digitise all of Australia's early newspapers has started. This has produced more information about E W Christmas to supplement the material gleaned in 2007 from the ongoing digitisation of New Zealand's newspapers; no doubt more will be revealed as these projects progress.

These newspapers, together with the steady stream of work coming up at auction, have provided the material for significant additions to the website.

At the start of 2009 we are able to add 54 new titles to the list of Works, of which 19 have illustrations. These contribute towards our original stated aim "to compile, with the assistance of visitors, a comprehensive list of the works of E W Christmas, accompanied by a gallery of images and a detailed chronology of, and narrative about, his life."

Our current Featured Work is Rowing away from the Storm. This is a fine example of how Christmas portrayed the mountains and lakes of New Zealand in an atmospheric away.

We are grateful to those people from across the globe who continue to contact us and provide copies of pictures in their own collections.

If you own one of his paintings and would like to add it to our site, or have any other comments, we would be delighted to hear from you.